Friday, November 18, 2011

SCFS funding success

Here are the details of the latest ARC successes at Sydney in history and philosophy of science and medicine:

ARC Laureate Fellowship (2011–2016) awarded to

Prof Warwick Anderson for the project Southern Racial Conceptions: Comparative Histories and Contemporary Legacies

ARC Future Fellowships (2011–2015) awarded to

Prof Mark Colyvan for the project Mathematical Explanation

Dr Ivan Crozier (currently at the University of Edinburgh) for the project Culture-bound Syndromes, Koro, and the Emergence of 'Cosmopolitan' Psychiatry

ARC Discovery Early Career Research Awards (2012–2014) to

Dr Victor Boantza for the project The Making of the Modern Chemist: Struggles within Enlightenment Science

Dr Eric Cavalcanti (currently at Griffith University) for the project The Structure of Nonclassicality and the Foundations of Quantum Theory

ARC Discovery Grants (2012–2014):

Prof Warwick Anderson (with Ian MacKay)
Disease and the Modern Self: Becoming Autoimmune

Prof Mark Colyvan
Mathematical Notation: A Philosophical Account

Dr Dominic Murphy
The Structure and Function of Self-representation

This all adds up to a grand total of just over $4.7 million ($4,754,899) from the various ARC schemes in the last few months; this figure is over $6 million when we add Prof Huw Price's Templeton grant (see above post). Congratulations to all!

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