Saturday, November 28, 2009

Book launch: What Science Knows... by James Franklin

Associates of the SCFS are invited to the launch of Jim Franklin's new book, What Science Knows... and how it knows it, which will take place in the Skeleton Gallery at the Australian Museum, 6 College St, at 6-7pm, on Tuesday 15 December. Professor David Armstrong AO, and Alan Saunders, host of ABC Radio's Philosopher's Zone (and SCFS advisor) will be speaking.

Please rsvp by December 8 to: or 9385 7093.

What Science Knows will appeal to anyone who wants a sound, readable, and well-paced introduction to the intellectual edifice that is science. On the other hand it will not please the enemies of science, whose willful misunderstandings of scientific method and the relation of evidence to conclusions Franklin mercilessly exposes.”

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